Reading & Meeting Schedule

Day/Date Topic Reading Due Speaker(s) Assignment Due
Tuesday 8/27 Introductions and The Promise of Feminism N/A Dr. Jessica Pabón/All
Feminist Foundations: In this section of the course, we devote class sessions to key conceptual tools and frameworks that we will draw on throughout the remainder of the semester.
Friday 8/30 Feminist Foundations: Gender TC: “The Social Construction of Gender” pages 29-51 Dr. Bryant
Tuesday 9/3 Feminist Foundations: Sex TC: “The Social Construction of Gender” pages 52-78

Read Online: Burns, Kaitlyn. 2019. “Caster Semenya And The Twisted Politics Of Testosterone.” Wired.

In section: critical reading practices

Janet Werther
Friday 9/7 Feminist Foundations: Sexuality PDF: Roche, Juno. “Pleasureless Principle: Who Gets to Decide What Your Anatomy is Capable of?”

PDF: Ingraham, Chrys. “Heterosexuality: It’s Just Not Natural!”

Dr. Leigh Dodson
Tuesday 9/10 Feminist Foundations: White Privilege/White Supremacy PDF: White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo Dr. Devlin O’Sullivan
Friday 9/13 Feminist Foundations: Privilege and Oppression TC: Privilege and Oppression pages 89-131 **Longish reading, give yourself time!**


In section we will review the Foundations Quote Collection assignment.

Dr. Jessica Pabón
Tuesday 9/17 Feminist Foundations: De/Colonization PDF: Ramirez, Renya. 2007. “Race, Tribal Nation, and Gender: A Native Feminist Approach to Belonging,” Meridians, Vol. 7, No. 2 (2007), pp. 22-40 Dr. Devlin O’Sullivan
Friday 9/20 Feminist Foundations: Intersectionality TC: Intersectionality pages 141-179

In section, we will review excerpts from Adrienne Rich’s “Notes Towards a Politics of Location” together to prepare for the Who AM I assignment.

Dr. Jessica Pabón Foundations Quote Collection
Feminist Platforms: In this section of the course, we address specific topical areas and issues that have been the subject of feminist thought and action.
Tuesday 9/24 Feminist Platforms: Art PDF: Linda Nochlin, “Why Are There No Great Women Artists?,” ArtNews

PDF: Dolan, Jill. 2012. “Introduction to the Second Edition” from The Feminst Spectator As Critic, xiii-xliv.

Janet Werther
Friday 9/27 Feminist Platforms: Respectability and Rage Read Online: Choose 3 of the 7 mini-essays from “The Future is Furious” series:

PDF: Klein, Rachel. “Bad Mouths”

Dr. Jessica Pabón Bring in a song, poem, or a work of art that illustrates the keywords for today: respectability and rage
Tuesday 10/1 Feminist Platforms: Spirituality PDF: Crowley, Karlyn “Secularity” in Rethinking Women’s and Gender Studies. Dr. Devlin O’Sullivan  Who Am I?
Friday 10/4 Feminist Platforms: Environment PDF: Levins Morales, Aurora. “Ecology is Everything”

PDF: Gaard “Ecofeminism Revisited”

Dr. Leigh Dodson  Who Am I?
Tuesday 10/8 Feminist Platforms: Family PDF: Dewi Oka,Cynthia. “Mothering as Revolutionary Praxis” in Revolutionary Mothering pages 51-57

PDF: Kafer, Alison. 2013. “Debating Feminist Futures: Slippery Slopes, Cultural Anxiety, and the Case of the Deaf Lesbians”

Recommended Reading PDF: Vogel, Paula. 1984. And Baby Makes Seven

Janet Werther
Friday 10/11
*No Class Tuesday 10/15 Fall Break
Feminist Platforms: Beauty Industry PDF: Selections from WSQ: Women’s Studies Quarterly special issue on Beauty (2018):

·       Pérez-Rosario, Vanessa. “On Beauty and Protest” pp. 279-285

·       Gentles-Peart, Kamille. “Controlling Beauty Ideals: Caribbean Women, Thick Bodies, and White Supremacist Discourse” pp. 199-214.

Watch Film: Killing Us Softly
Friday 10/18 Feminist Platforms: Economy Read Online: Levins Morales, Aurora. “Nadie la Tiene: Land, Ecology, and Nationalism”

PDF: Federici, Silvia. “Wages Against Housework”

PDF: Combahee River Collective, “A Black Feminist Statement” (United States, 1977), pgs. 325-330

Dr. Edith Kuiper
Tuesday 10/22 Feminist Platforms: Sex Work PDF: Lee, Isabelle T. “Bound Together”

Read Online: Melissa Gira Grant, “Let’s Call Sex Work What It is: Work”

Dr. Leigh Dodson
Friday 10/25 Feminist Platforms: Health PDF: Ehrenreich, Barbara, and Deirdre English. 2010. “Witches, Midwives, and Nurses: A History of Women Healers” pp. 1-24




Sascha Conterelli and Maria Mendoza of the New York State Association of Licensed Midwives
Tuesday 10/29 Feminist Platforms: Science Please read the following two pieces, which are very different approaches to the topic of underrepresentation and issues around gender in science. The Introduction from Angela Saini’s book gives a great overview of how the approach of science is fallible, and the science we have known did not ask the right questions. The article by Angela Johnson et. al. discusses issues faced by women of color in physics, in particular, and highlights common concerns and approaches faculty can take to minimize the challenges.

If the Saini introduction piques your interest, read the first chapter! This chapter is optional.

  • PDF: Angela Saini, Inferior – “Introduction.”
  • Angela Johnson et. al., “Common Challenges Faced by Women of Color in Physics, and Actions Faculty Can Take to Minimize Those Challenges”

Angela Saini, Inferior – “Woman’s Inferiority to Man” (optional)


[Writing Workshop in Section]

Dr. Catherine Herne
Friday 11/1 Feminist Platforms: Sexual Assault PDF: Levins Morales, Aurora. “Torturers” and “Histerimonia: Declarations of a Trafficked Girl, or Why I Couldn’t Write This Essay”

[Writing Workshop in Section]

Emma Morcone, Deputy Title IX Coordinator/LGBTQ+ Coordinator, SUNY New Paltz
Tuesday 11/5 Feminist Platforms: Intimate Partner Violence PDF: brown, adrienne marie. “Resilience: How We Recover and Transform”

[Writing Workshop in Section]

Joel Oppenheimer,
Senior Counselor,
Psychological Counseling Center, SUNY New Paltz
Feminist Actions: In this section of the course, we examine a number of specific sites and movements where feminists have worked to create individual and collective change.
Friday 11/8 Feminist Actions: Doing Feminism TC: “Feminist Praxis” pages 191-225

Imagine Otherwise: Alix Olson on Transitioning from Performer to Professor

Listen to Dr. Olson’s Podcast Interview


[Writing Workshop in Section]

Alix Olson, Spoken Word Artist; Moderator: Dr. Pabón Platform Photo Essay
Tuesday 11/12 Feminist Actions: Majoring in WGSS & Student Activism PDF: Michele Tracy Berger and Cheryl Radeloff, “Women’s and Gender Studies Graduates as Change Agents: Six Profiles”

[Writing Workshop in Section: Assign Peer Reviewers]

**Remember to send your peer reviewer a 2 page draft by 11am Friday 11/15 so they can work on it in lieu of section. CC Dr P at on these emails!**

Student Panel; Moderator Dr. Devlin O’Sullivan


Global Engagement Program Visitor at Beginning of Class

Friday 11/15 Feminist Actions: Immigration Reform Read Online:


**NO SECTION TODAY** Assignment in lieu of section: By the end of section time, you will email your peer review partner their comments on their 2 page draft.

Dr. Leigh Dodson/Nobody Leaves MidHudson Peer Review of Draft Exchange
Tuesday 11/19 Feminist Actions: The Movement for Black Lives PDF: M4BL Platform Dr. Jessica Pabón
Friday 11/22


SEI: Monday, 11/25/19 8:00am and Monday, 12/9/19 at midnight.

Feminist Actions: Women’s March PDF: The #WomensWave Agenda

Read Online: North, Anna. “The Women’s March changed the American left”

Janet Werther Platform Written Essay
Tuesday 11/26

*No Class 11/29 Turkey Break

Feminist Actions: Reproductive Justice PDF: Chinyere Oparah Bonaparte. 2015. “Introduction,” in Birthing Justice: Black Women, Pregnancy and Childbirth, pages 1-15

PDF: Ross, Loretta, et al, “Introduction” Radical Reproductive Justice

Dr. Devlin O’Sullivan
Tuesday 12/3 Feminist Action: Prison Abolition PDF: Kushner “Is Prison Necessary?” Dr. Jessica Pabón
Friday 12/6


SEI: Monday, 11/25/19 8:00am and Monday, 12/9/19 at midnight.

Feminist Action: Radical Love Read Online: Ross, Loretta. “I’m a Black Feminist. I Think Call-Out Culture Is Toxic.” Dr. Devlin O’Sullivan Final Quote Collection
Friday 12/13 Final Exam Day! 12:30-2:30PM Section Room Liberating Action

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