Online Certification: Foundational Certification Overview

(SP 2023) SUNY New Paltz has moved to a new and more flexible faculty development and certification process for online teaching.  The new training and certification is now available in D2L Brightspace* with the title Foundational Certification Training.  

This training is required for all faculty teaching online beginning summer 2023, regardless of previous certification.   

The training has 3 required parts:   

  • Module 1: Brightspace Foundation (what we previously referred to as Core DLE) 
  • Module 2:  Online Pedagogy Foundation (what we previously referred to as Core Pedagogy) 
  • Module 3:  Accessibility Foundation is new and required for all faculty teaching online beginning Summer 2023. 

Certification is automatic once a faculty member achieves a score of 80% or better on the module quizzes for each of the 3 modules.  The Foundational Training is good for 2 years, after which Full Certification will be required.  The Full Certification training will launch later this spring. 

NOTE: If you completed either or both of the Core DLE and Core Pedagogy trainings in LInkedIn Learning (which were required to teach online F22 or S23), then you will NOT need to complete those again in the D2L Brightspace environment.  We have entered the completion data for all of you who have completed either or both of those.  If you have not been given credit for Modules 1 and 2—-and you know you completed these Modules in LinkedIn Learning—-please submit a Brightspace ticket indicating this fact.

*This is a screen shot, showing you where to find the training on Brightspace > > Click on NEW Faculty and Staff . . .  and then you should find the Foundational Certification Training Course

Screenshot showing Brightspace module