If your site was deactivated it still is. We used a list of active and inactive sites to see if there is a renewed interest.
Yes. Hawksites has more themes and more theme options. TLC will support and run sessions on at least 3 different themes.
No. migrating to the new platform is not a requirement. But in the near future these existing hosts may shut down; migrating content over now is easier with both systems online.
  • Accounts: Auto generated and tied to their mynewpaltz.edu logins.
  • Themes: There will be more themes and more theme options available for customization.
  • Mobile Friendly: Responsive themes that adjust to computer, mobile, and tablet screens.
  • Student Management: Manage students, moderate content and track learning progress.
  • Over 50 Plugins: Point and Click to be creative and do just about anything you want without coding!
  • Privacy: Have control over who can access and see content.
  • Follow and Share: Built in social tools.
  • Media: Upload and embed files, videos, photos, audio, and podcasts.
  • Support: Tools are fully supported for you and your students through support.newpaltz.edu with training through Teaching and Learning.

If your existing site was not html coded, we can export the information over to the new platform for you. It varies from case to case. Complete the first two steps and we will be in touch! 

1.       Go to https://hawksites.newpaltz.edu/ and log in with your New Paltz login credentials (the same as mynewpaltz.edu).
2.       Email  helpdesk@newpaltz.edu and  state that you would like your faculty site moved over to Hawksites.  I’ll send you an email when your content has been copied.

Yes. We will have a variety of training sessions for diverse users and expertise levels.

1. Go to https://hawksites.newpaltz.edu/ and log in with your New Paltz login credentials (the same as mynewpaltz.edu). You and your students can begin working right away.

As of right now there is no date for taking any faculty site down. We want to start the process of moving items over while both systems are running. There is no immediate end date to shut any site down. We'll communicate and work with everyone to make sure courses are not impacted.

Send questions to helpdesk@newpaltz.edu or log onto support.newpaltz.edu. You will receive a response through there, or review this page for updated news. This page is generated through your questions about hawksites.

Yes, building lesson plans, discussions, and assessments are all possible using the Campus Press Plugin Course Press Pro. Workshops will be presented after the first wave of Hawksite conversions take place. We will post these workshop dates shortly.
Yes, you can make assistant content creators to author your hawksite. We can assist with the instructions in the upcoming support area.