“I know just how you feel…” – Really?! – Conversation One TODAY Jan 30

Pretty often, when I describe an experience of racism that hit me hard to someone who isn’t black, they’ll say, “I know just how you feel.”

This bugs the &$#% out of me. We’ve just met, or maybe chatted casually a couple times, and now you can understand how personally hurtful, enraging, etc. my experience was for me?!

I imagine a person who is female, East Asian, queer, or trans, feels something similar when the person who instantly “knows how they feel” is from the majority/mainstream. True statement? Unfair generalization? Care to discuss?

Conversation One

Wednesday, Jan 30, @ 4:30 PM [Late arrivals/early departures are welcome!]

Sojourner Truth Library Conference Room (M39)

EVERYONE is welcome to join in the Conversation: staff/faculty, students, community members. Any religion, or no religion, any political affiliation, or none.  No special expertise needed.

Come prepared to listen generously and with a willingness to learn.  Our goal is to speak from our lived experience, and to be mindful of the feelings of others.  More detail in our Mission and Values.

“Today’s Topic” is just a suggestion.  You are always welcome to bring whatever is challenging, or hurting, or encouraging you in your life.

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