Beth King, Senior Career Specialist for Internships

Beth King 
Senior Career Specialist for Internships

I am a proud alumna of SUNY New Paltz (both undergraduate and graduate degrees) who was fortunate enough to come back home to my Alma mater to work. My husband is also an alumnus. I have been a career professional working in the field of career services for 24 years.


Some of my responsibilities include
⇒ Assisting students with their internship and job searches
⇒ Helping with resume and cover letter development
⇒ Co-planning all aspects of the Career Fair and Resumania! each semester
⇒ Overseeing the CAS Internship Stipend scholarships for spring, summer and fall
⇒ Facilitating the annual First-Year Internship Program and hosting an amazing intern each spring
⇒ Coordinating the Teaching English Abroad event in the fall and the annual Internship Recognition Ceremony each spring
⇒ Establishing our office as a referral agency so that we can connect students with the Dress for Success and Suited to Succeed programs to receive free professional attire
⇒ Professional faculty representative for the SUNY New Paltz Faculty Senate
⇒ Member and former Chairperson of a committee devoted to improving student employment experiences on our campus
⇒ Planning campus/virtual visits so students can learn more about internship programs and also career exploration trips for students/alumni to visit employers such as to Lincoln Performing Arts Center, American Museum of Natural History and NBC Universal


What I do in my spare time
→ Adjunct Instructor for two sections of the Internship & Career Practicum course
→  Current Board Member for 7 years and past Vice President of the Board of Trustees for 4 years at my town’s library
→ Past President & 19 year Active Member of a local club devoted to civic involvement and community service
→ Former Technology Director for a professional organization’s board (NYSCEEA) for two years
→ Hiking and walking in the great outdoors, reading books/listening to audiobooks, watching classic and new movies, spending time with my family including traveling


Please make an appointment with me at or scan the QR code below. I would be happy to help.