CRC Mission



The Career Resource Center (CRC) assists students from diverse backgrounds with exploring, formulating and implementing career plans, securing pre-graduation experiences (internships, summer jobs and volunteer positions) and determining and identifying post-graduation options. The Career Resource Center actively promotes and supports effective professional relationships between the college community and employers.




The Career Resource Center is committed to the following student learning outcomes by category of service or program.
Students will be able to:

    1. Describe how to use the career center resources available to them.
    2. Identify their interests, abilities, personal values and aspirations and relate them to majors/minors and prospective career fields through utilization of the counseling process, assessment tools, workshops and resources.
    3. Identify technical and professional skills they have gained through internships, summer employment and/or volunteer opportunities.
    4. Prepare an effective, targeted resume and/or cover letter.
    5. Identify appropriate strategies and techniques for professional networking.
    6. List the steps for applying to graduate schools (e.g. personal statements, letters of recommendation, CV/resume and admissions tests).
    7. Demonstrate effective interview skills when applying for an internship, job or graduate/professionals school.
    8. Devise a plan for an internship/job/volunteer search.