NPCareers Weekly Instagram Live Series

Join the Career Resource Center on Instagram (@NPCareers) for career-related conversations with alumni and some current students from all different majors! Learn about how our alum have navigated the professional world and tips that can help you do the same. Have questions? This is a chance to get them answered! During the summer, these live sessions take place every other Tuesday at 2pm. Check @NPCareers to see past sessions!


Max Benezra Psychology Assistant Director, South Shore Counseling
Christina Waterman Marketing, Digital Media Communications; MBA Global Marketing Marketing Director, Shorty Awards
Jeremy Luna International Relations, Asian Studies Harvard Kennedy School student, Master’s in Public Policy
Shahnoor Khan International Relations, Political Science J.D. Candidate at the Washington Ctr of Law @ American University
Ashley Cimato General Business, MPS Humanistic/Multicultural Education Career Services Advisor, Hunter Business School
Stephanie Stierle Marketing Entertainment Specialist, High Point Rockers Baseball