“American Table”  points to histories of migration (an American fable) power, and patria. Within that space I will make simple portraits that commemorate, eulogize and historicize American wars at home and abroad. Based on two portrait-based photographs of a) injured Polish person during WWII–2019 is the 80th anniversary of the start of WWII within Anglo-centric politics– and b) an image of a person injured in our American wars abroad and at home  (either an image of an individual harmed in Yemen, or a victim of recent gun-violence) I will make a sequence of portrait drawings of a) and b) in charcoal, ink and pencil, one a minute and switch between one portrait and the other at a time and build a corpus of work that grows by the minute. The performative practice is as collaborative as there are participants who wish to collaborate and build their own practice and corpus.

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