Presentation: Oct 5

Developed by Andrea Frank, System Drawing is an intuitive and process-based collaborative format which supports new ways of intuitively connecting and interacting with place, a chosen theme, and each other while sidestepping current paradigms based on rational inquiry. It is site– and situation specific, constantly evolving, and draws on processes borrowed from drawing, systemic constellations, and simulation games. A set of site specific tools, materials, or rules are provided. The System Drawing format is thematically framed by pressing environmental concerns seen through a multi-species social, historical, ecological, and psychological lens.


Workshop: Sunday, October 6   9:30-12:30 pm

By Andrea Frank with Michael Asbill and Amanda Heidel (I will never know this garden collaborative)
System Drawing session will take place in the campus woods and fields. We will collectively and experientially draw and explore the evolving interrelations between human and non-human beings, technology, objects, and concepts through deep time. 

Rain or shine, bring appropriate clothing and a reusable water bottle to stay hydrated.


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