Third Short Assignment


Due by the end of the day Friday, April 15th

For our reading of The Tempest this week, I will be asking you to write a review of one of the following digital texts of the play:

For the iPad:

-The Folger Luminary Edition (available for the iPad)

-The Norton Digital Edition (only available with 3rd Edition texts)


Internet Shakespeare Editions

-Shakespeare at Play (available for the iPad, also on the web here)

**Please note: for those of you who aren’t using an iPad or tablet, you should use the web-based version of the Norton OR the Internet Shakespeare Editions version of The Tempest to prepare for class. For your assignment, you may review one of the plays in the “Shakespeare at Play” collection (Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, Macbeth, Midsummer).**

Your job for this assignment is to write a 4-5 page comprehensive review of the digital text. You should describe the text: What are its defining features? What additional materials does it offer? How does it present the text to the reader? What insights did you gain about The Tempest that you might not have otherwise? You should also evaluate the text: What are its strengths and weaknesses? What is the intended audience? Does the eBook meet the needs of this audience? What would you change about the text? Throughout you should try to use specific examples as much as possible.

More generally, your review should also address the very idea of a digital text for Shakespeare’s plays. Is this a good medium for conveying the work? What do you think the specific text you working with demonstrates about the possibilities or limitations of this medium?

A review is a related but different genre from the traditional academic essay, and I encourage you to be creative in how you approach this assignment!

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