Second Short Essay Assignment


This essay assignment will call on you to place one of the critical essays from our syllabus during the weeks of 2/24, 3/2, and 3/9 into “conversation” with another source you select in your research. You should firstly give a brief summary of the article included on our syllabus: include a discussion of its main argument, the evidence used to support that argument, the theoretical approach(es) you can identify, and what you see as its key conclusions or interpretations. Then, select a source with which to compare the reading from our course. There are a number of ways you can identify such an essay; here are some suggestions:

-Identify a source listed in footnotes and/or the bibliography of the article from our syllabus.

-Perform a search in Google Scholar for the article on our syllabus and identify a source that cites it (note the “cited by” link in the results).

-Use the MLA International Bibliography to find an essay on a similar topic to the article in our syllabus. Use keyword searching on relevant terms to generate a list.

You should also feel free to talk to me about identifying a second essay if you are having a difficult time finding something.

Once you have found your second essay, read it and discuss how the main essay engages this source in “conversation.” How is it responding to, building upon, or otherwise engaging with the claims of the cited author? Do you find a synthesis to these positions? What do you find especially useful in building your own ideas or arguments about the play in this “conversation.”

Your essay should be about 4-5 pages, double-spaced, and should make an argument or attempt to answer a central question or problem (such as those suggested above). It should follow MLA style for all citations and adhere to the guidelines outlined in my style sheet. It is due by Friday, March 18th, either delivered to the bin on my door in hardcopy (JFT 220) or electronically.

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