Project Overview

Resonant Echoes is a sound project that integrates community, environment and acoustic instruments.

We invite you to participate in this project! There are a few ways:

  1.  Submit a sound of falling snow by Feb. 5th! You can either submit here or email
  2. Join us at a community music-box making workshop this Spring! Your workshop piece may be incorporated into the visuals and music of the piece. Email for more info.

Composer Phyllis Chen (SUNY New Paltz Composition Professor) will weave together these samples to create a new piece that reflects the sounds and environment of New Paltz. More information for the online and in-person performances to be announced soon.

People have been recording sounds from their environments for over 100 years, documenting the evolution of our land, wildlife and culture. The first field recording was documented by an 8-year old boy, Ludwig Karl Koch from 1889, who used his father’s wax cylinder recorder to capture the first documented form of non-human sound: the song of a Common Shama bird.s wildlife recordist/composer Douglas Quinn said,“The minute you switch on a device – whether it’s a camera or a recorder – your presence alters it.”