Do You Actually Have a Personality?

Blog Post: “Can You Ever Really Get Inside Someone Else’s Head?”

 Can You Ever Really Get Inside Someone Else’s Head?

512px-Man-inside-note-headNew post on my blog, “Making Meaning: Constructing Understandings in a Confusing World.”

We often speak of “getting inside someone else’s head.” When we talk this way, we usually mean that we wish to understand things as others do so that we can grasp what otherwise might seem like utterly incomprehensible behavior. If we could get inside the heads of our boss, our significant other, or that bloviating political candidate on TV then we just might be able to know what they are up to and why.

New Blog Post: Reclaiming Diagnosis

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New blog post:

Raskin, J. D. (2014, May 20). Reclaiming diagnosis [Blog post]. Retrieved from


. . . the word diagnosis does not technically mean “cause.” Actually, the word has origins in ancient Greek and literally means “to discern or distinguish.” . . . To discern or distinguish something is far broader than presuming to have uncovered its cause.

Discerning or distinguishing is essential to effective counseling and psychotherapy. Without making distinctions and using them to strategize about how to talk to clients and think about their difficulties, psychotherapy is not likely to prove very helpful.