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APA Panel on Diagnostic Alternatives

Aug 14, 2022 | All News, Presentations, Professional Activities

Dr. Raskin presented at the 2022 American Psychological Association annual convention in Minneapolis as part of a symposium panel looking at DSM-5-TR and its alternatives. Chaired by clinical psychologist Todd DuBose, the panel included seminal representatives of various diagnostic approaches: Sarah Morris (Associate Head of Research Domain Criteria at the National Institute of Mental Health), Robert Krueger (member of the Hierarchical Taxonomy of Psychopathology consortium), Nancy McWilliams (co-author of the Psychodynamic Diagnostic Manual), and Ray Middleton (representative for the Power Threat Meaning Framework). Dr. Raskin’s presentation was on a survey of psychologist attitudes toward DSM and its alternatives, co-authored with fellow New Paltz Psychology Professors Doug Maynard and Mike Gayle. The paper on which the presentation was based was also recently accepted for publication in Professional Psychology: Research and Practice.

In addition to attending APA, Dr. Raskin explored Minneapolis “Mary Tyler Moore style” while at the convention. Check out his travelogue: