Studies in Meaning 5 Published

Mar 12, 2015 | All News, Publications

I am pleased to announce that the latest volume of Studies in Meaning has been published by Pace University Press:

Studies in Meaning 5: Disturbing the Status Quo in Constructivist Psychology (20% pre-publication discount!)
Edited by Jonathan D. Raskin, Sara K. Bridges, & Jack S. Kahn

SiM5-cover-draftIs constructivist psychology still relevant? Was it ever? Is it merely an obtuse cluster of theories bogged down in obscure epistemological debates of little to no relevance for most people? Why is it that constructivism is so often referenced in the clinical literature, yet organizationally it counts only a small number of people among its identifiable adherents and struggles to sustain itself as a coherent movement within the field? This volume takes up these issues by having prominent constructivist theorists put aside the usual topics of their scholarship and instead directly grapple with the very questions posed above. Borrowing the language of radical constructivism, the resulting contributions are intended to “perturb” the status quo and get constructivists and non-constructivists alike thinking about constructivism’s past, future, strengths, weaknesses, and overall utility.

ISBN-13: 978-1935625186 / ISBN-10: 1935625187 / ©2015 / $40.00 / Pace University Press
Also available directly from Amazon or from the Amazon-powered CPN Bookstore.

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