Ethics Chapter Published

Aug 7, 2012 | All News, Publications

New book chapter on ethics! Read it for free online. Printable electronic copies and hard copies can be purchased from the publisher.

Raskin, J. D., & Debany, A. E. (2012). The inescapability of ethics and the impossibility of “anything goes”: A constructivist model of ethical meaning-making. In S. Cipolletta & E. Gius (Eds.), Ethics in action: Dialogue between knowledge and practice (pp. 13-32). Milan, Italy: LED. Available in PDF format

From the introductory section of the chapter:

“In our understanding of constructivism, ethics is unavoidable because people are always embedded in ethical perspectives that infuse everything they do. ‘Anything goes’ is never an option, even if what goes varies by person. After distinguishing three versions of constructivist theory, we briefly summarize and counter various criticisms that portray constructivism as endorsing an ‘anything goes’ relativism. Then we outline a constructivist model of ethical meaning-making.”

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