19th International Congress on Personal Construct Psychology

Nov 24, 2010 | All News, Professional Activities

I am the program chair for the 19th International Congress on Personal Construct Psychology, which will be held in Boston July 19-22, 2011.



Proposal Form in Microsoft Word
Submit completed proposals by January 20, 2011 to:pcp2011@constructivistpsych.org

In keeping with the congress theme, “Pushing the Boundaries of Constructivism: Collaborating across Theories, Applications, and Methods,” we are looking for proposals that incorporate multiple constructivist perspectives and/or reach out to multiple disciplines.

Beginning with personal construct psychology in 1955, constructivist-influenced theories have been used in multiple ways in psychology, other social sciences, and the humanities. The goal of this congress is to bring together those incorporating one or more modes of constructivist thought into research, theory, scholarship, and professional practice.

Presentations are sought that elucidate any of these areas. They can be quantitative or qualitative research projects, theoretical explications, or applied projects including but not limited to the areas of psychotherapy, assessment, supervision, group and community work. This congress will allow participants to learn more about cutting edge efforts utilizing constructivist approaches while making new connections with colleagues who share similar visions.

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