Graduate prize winner

Jeung Hyun Kim, Syracuse University

Grandparenting, Filial Piety, and Well-being of Chinese-American Older Adults

graduate honorable mention winner

Caiyang Xu, Columbia University

The Politicization of the Mahāyāna Distinction in Modern China, 1911–1953

underGraduate Prize winner

Wanqing Zhou, University of Rochester

What Do You Mean by ‘Love’: Intimacy, Commodification, and Community among Chinese Kpop Fans

undergraduate honorable mention winner

Kirstie Yuen, Skidmore College

Does a Daoist genuinely value close relationships?


Graduate Prize Winner

Sujung Lee, Syracuse University

‘After getting a degree, what’s next?’: Migration Decision of Chinese and Korean Graduate Students in STEM

Graduate Honorable Mention Winner

Anjana Ramkumar, Cornell University

Situating Food Sovereignty: Green Revolution, Agroecology and Agrarian Development in India

Undergraduate Prize Winner

Patricia Winston, SUNY Cortland

The Evolution of Chinese Cinema in the Twentieth Century

Undergraduate Honorable Mention Winner

Josh Pandossi (University at Buffalo)

Minzhu and the Dynamic Definition of Democracy in China


Graduate Prize

Sara Ann Swenson, Syracuse University

‘Three Trees Make a Mountain’: Women and Contramodern Buddhist Volunteerism in Vietnam

Graduate Honorable Mention

Terese Gagnon, Syracuse University

‘There are No Seeds Here’: Severing Seed Sovereignty in Mae La Camp

Undergraduate Prize

Andreanna L. Downing Zheng, Wells College

‘Flowers of the rear garden’: The People’s Republic of China’s Male Homosexological Lexicon

Undergraduate Honorable Mention

Zejian Zhou, St. Lawrence University

Confucian Freedom: Practice, Morality, and Responsibility


Graduate Prize

J. Travis Shutz, Binghamton University

Chaozhou Pirates, Zhangzhou Traders, and Quanzhou Sailors: Mediators Between the Ming and Spanish Empires in the Late Sixteenth Century

Graduate Honorable Mention

Du Fei, Syracuse University

Fatima’s Inheritance: Three Itineraries of Law Between Early Modern Aceh and Europe

Undergraduate Prize

Taylor Armijo, St. Lawrence University

In an Era of Reform: Reimagining Government Control in the Chinese Film Industry

Undergraduate Honorable Mention

Meghan Reilly, Union College

Ancient Greek in Chinese Translation: The ‘Sinicization’ of Euripides


Graduate Prize

Adrienne Lee Atterberry, Syracuse University

Schooling within a Transnational Context: Examining Indian American Return Migrants’ K-12 School-Choice Decision

Undergraduate Prize

Jordan Flanagan, St. Lawrence University

Memories Clashing: Analyzing Historical Memories of Support and Conflict Between Vietnam and Cambodia Surrounding the 1979-1989 Vietnamese Occupation of Cambodia


Graduate Prize

Xuening Kong, University at Buffalo, State University of New York

Anna May Wong and Her Travels in Europe and China—Identity Construction Interconnectedness Between Gender, Race, and Nationalism

Undergraduate Prize

Xuanyi (Shane) Zhang, University at Buffalo, State University of New York

Poet versus Chairman: The Incident of Hu Feng & The Literary Warfare of Chairman Mao


Graduate Prize

Emily Bowlus-Peck, University at Buffalo, State University of New York

Jesuit Understandings of Abnormal Behavior in Early Modern Chinese Medicine

Graduate Honorable Mention

Patrick Nash, University at Buffalo, State University of New York

Re-imagining the Ku Klux Klan in Chinese Media, 1950-1959

Undergraduate Prize

Kristin Xinming Chang, Sarah Lawrence College

The Gold Medal Rush: Machine-body Racializations of Chinese Labor at the Olympics and Beyond

Undergraduate Honorable Mention

Niall Chithelen, Cornell University

In Search of “Spaces”: The Ezra Opium Case of 1925, Extraterritoriality, and Analyzing Semicolonial China


Graduate Prize

Michael Denman, University at Buffalo, State University of New York

Identities from Shaolin: Identity and Culture in 1970’s Hong Kong Kung Fu Genre Movies

Graduate Honorable Mention

Alexandra Dalferro, Cornell University

Subjectification through Silk: The Story of the Queen Sirikit Museum of Textiles

Undergraduate Prize

Donghai Yu, University at Buffalo, State University of New York

Why the Chinese Sponsored the TAZARA: An Investigation about the People’s Republic of China’s African Policy in the Regional Context, 1955-1970

Undergraduate Honorable Mention

Rachel Clarey, Union College

Factors That Influence Chinese Students to Study in the United States


Graduate Prize

Hayden Kantor, Cornell University

A Dead Letter of the Statute Book: The Strange Bureaucratic Life of The Bihar Food Economy and Guest Control Order, 1950-1954

This paper has been published in revised form in the journal South Asian History and Culture (2016). The published version is available here: http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/19472498.2016.1168098

Undergraduate Prize

Ayman A. Khondker, Colgate University

The Factors Affecting South Asian National Hierarchy

Undergraduate Honorable Mention

Lisbeth DaBramo, Hamilton College

Situating Gender in Water-Related Issues: Regional Perspective from Jaipur and Varanasi


Graduate Prize

Phillip Guingona. University at Buffalo, State University of New York

Warlords and Dancing Beauties: A Study of Early Twentieth-century Sino-Philippine Bilateral Media Representations

Undergraduate Prize

Tatenda Pasipanodya,St. Lawrence University

Democratic Tendencies: Wealth, the Middle Class, and the Prospects for Chinese Democracy

Undergraduate Honorable Mention

Chika Okuyama, Hofstra University

Francis Ford Coppola and Japanese Culture


Graduate Prize

Rafal Stepien, Columbia University

The Impossibility of Language: Poetic Modes of Apophasis in Buddhist and Islamic Mystical Literature

Undergraduate Prize

Kai R. Wasson, University at Buffalo, State University of New York

The Power of Invisibility: American Empire in the Conundrum Yasukuni Shrine

Undergraduate Honorable Mention

Eric Lee, Binghamton University, State University of New York

Empress Liu: Agency, Regency, and Bureaucracy


Graduate Prize

Jeffrey Gower, University at Buffalo

Knowledge Management and Transfers between North and South Korea at the Kaesong Industrial Complex

(No undergraduate prize awarded in 2012.)


Graduate Prize

Helena Zeweri, The New School

Generating the Collective through Text: Afghan American Writings on Belonging and the Homeland

Undergraduate Prize

Nora Langan, St. Lawrence University

Sino-African Relations: Mutually Beneficial?

Undergraduate Honorable Mention

Fernando Gomez, St. Lawrence University

Cities of Dreams: Examining the Ideology of Colonial Architecture in India


Graduate Prize

Kyoung-Lae Kang, University of Rochester

Maternal Face and Voice in Public Prosecutor and Teacher: Its Symbolism upon Korean Modern History

Undergraduate Prize

Jacob Birchard, St. Lawrence University

State Intervention in India: An Analysis of Bureaucratic Change and Its Impact on Economic Growth

Undergraduate Honorable Mention

Nick Ogonek, Bard College

Mizuko Kuyo and Blame in Contemporary Japanese Buddhism


Graduate Prize

Anouluk Kittikhoun, Graduate Center, City University of New York

A Geographical Analysis of the Revolution in Laos

Graduate Honorable Mention

Kevin Carrico, Cornell University

Re-centering China: The Cantonese In and Beyond the Han

Undergraduate Prize

Julia Burke, University at Buffalo, SUNY

The Expanding Network of the Uyghurs: The Past and Prospects of the East Turkestan Independence Movement

Undergraduate Honorable Mention

Kara Cooperrider, Colgate University

Maneuvering the Space in Between: The Hijras of India and the Gender Politics of Nation Building


Graduate Prize

Chien-Ju Lin, Binghamton University, SUNY

Gender and Labor In East Asia

Undergraduate Prize

Kevin H. Keepper, Saint Lawrence University

Intellectual Property Rights in China: Capacity and Incentive for Proper Enforcement in China


Graduate Prize

Yu-Ling Huang, Binghamton University, SUNY

Negotiating Health in Thailand: AIDS, Global Patent Regime, and Health Social Movement

Undergraduate Prize

Joshua Evan Schlachet, Cornell University

Human Warmth: Comfort Women & Destabilizing Historical Narrativism Towards Multiplicity of Voice

2007 Pre-Collegiate Student Writing Prize Competition

[In Cooperaton with Asia for Educators, Columbia University, and the New York Council for History Education]

Winner-First Prize

Omar Hayes, Spring Valley High School, Spring Valley, NY

(Teacher: Christopher Ferraro)

The Economic and Political Effects of Burmese Opium Trade 1886-present


Graduate Prize

(No Graduate Prize Awarded in 2006)

Tie – Undergraduate Prize

Maria Marangos, Fordham University – College at Lincoln Center

Modernizing Through Tradition: Kyoto’s Development in Meiji Period

Samuel L. Sapirstein, Bard College

Civil Unrest in Contemporary China: Some Implications for U.S.-China Relations

Undergraduate Honorable Mention

Alexander Gordon, Cornell University

The Role of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants in the Primary Health Care and Economy of People in Lower Mustang (Nepal)


Graduate Prize

Jeongsuk Joo, University at Buffalo, SUNY

From Periphery to Center: The Rise of the Korean Film Industry Since the Late 1990s and Ironies of its Success

Undergraduate Prize

Daniel Schwartz, Binghamton University, SUNY

Terror and Revolt: Examining Al Qaeda through the Lens of the Satsuma Rebellion

Undergraduate Honorable Mention

Theresa McNutt, University at Buffalo, SUNY

The Double-Standard of Cross-Genderization in Japanese Theatre


Graduate Prize

Seo-Hyun Park, Cornell University

Islands for Cash: Economic Influence Strategies and the Russo-Japanese Territorial Dispute

Graduate Honorable Mention

Samuel Yunxiang Liang, Binghamton University

Ephemeral Households, Splintered City: Be(tween) Tradition and Modernity in Flowers of Shanghai

Undergraduate Prize

Alexandra Geertz, Hamilton College

Seat Reservation for Women in Local Panchayats: An Analysis of Power

Undergraduate Honorable Mention

Linda Stein, Columbia University

Death for Death: A Comparison of Three Classic Revenge Dramas


Graduate Prize

Fang Qiang, University at Buffalo

Were Chinese Rulers above the Law: Aspects of the Theory and Practice of the Rule of Law in Chinese History

Graduate Honorable Mention

Nosheen Ali, Cornell University

The Politics of Conservation in the Khunjerab National Park, Pakistan Explorations and Insights

Undergraduate Prize

Renee Karl, LeMoyne College

Women in Practice: A Comparative Analysis of Gender and Sexuality in India

Undergraduate Honorable Mention

Aaron Edelstein, Union College

Abortion and Buddhism


Graduate Prize

Linda Rui Feng, Columbia University

Snatching the Last Word(s): Value-driven Suicides and the Role of Narrative in Chinese Literary History

Graduate Honorable Mention

Heather Fried, University at Buffalo

A Prismatic Image of Identity

Undergraduate Prize

Emily McRae, Union College

Gender, Self and Enlightenment: A Feminist Analysis of Buddhism

Undergraduate Honorable Mention

Kevin Carrico, Bard College

Chairman Mao’s Good Soldier: The Many Faces of Lei Feng


Graduate Prize

Ping Chou, New School for Social Research

Imagining Formosa Through Western Writings, 17th-19th Century: A Buddhist Middle Way Discourse Analysis

Graduate Honorable Mention

Naveen Zaidi, Cornell Law School

The Controversies behind the H-1B Visa Program: Truth or Myth

Undergraduate Prize

Andre Foisy, University at Buffalo

Free Aceh Movement: A Nosological Problem

Undergraduate Honorable Mention

Jane Lim, Cornell University

Alternative Identities: Anti-Communism and the ‘ASEAN’ Way