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NRHH Application Fall 2019

NRHH Application Fall 2019

NRHH applications for Fall 2019 are now open at the link below! Applications and one letter of recommendation are due on Friday, November 15th at 11:59 pm.

Everyone applying should attend a GI meeting before submitting your application. All application materials, including letters of recommendation, are due at this time. Applications and letters of recommendation should be submitted in PDF format and emailed to nrhh@hawkmail.newpaltz.edu

If you have any questions about the application process, please reach out to us at nrhh@hawkmail.newpaltz.edu.

–> NRHH Application Link <–

In case the above link doesn’t work: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1unMYy_gchwJX1Z3NEIEEKUdEMUatnaP9OaXra5So-K4/edit?usp=sharing


The NRHH chapter hosted two programs at the the annual STARS conference hosted by the NCCs of RHSA (Brandon Knowles) and NRHH (Audrey Terwilliger) on April 9, 2017!



To educate conference goers about our core value of Recognition, Dayamara Cruz and Nicole DeRobertis from the Recognition committee presented a Skills program. Participants were to create an awards category and an awardee to receive the award. At the end of the program, participants were to present there awards and who they were recognizing. In order to encourage active appreciation and recognition, they were given small trophies to accompany the award, so that participants could hand both to their award winners. The presenters connected the program to OTMs and OTBs as another way to recognize people and groups on campus. Keep on recognizing!


[kad_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TvwJIZZh7Us” width=600 height=338 ]

Meryl Stromberg, the current NRHH President, presented a Responsibility program to help students with time management. She presented a short video with some tips and tricks to manage one’s time in order to ensure that our time is being used in the most efficient and healthy ways. Attendees filled out a worksheet to estimate how much time (out of 168 hours) in a week we actually have free. The program emphasized the necessity of scheduling, prioritizing  and making time for self-care, so that students can succeed!

We’d like to thank the NCCs for hosting NRHH, RHSA, and the Hall Governments at this amazing conference!

You Better Recognize Thursday (4/6/2017)

Today we’re featuring all the wonderful nominations for OTMs (Of The Months) from the month of March. All of these people and groups have been recognized by students who believe that they have done something extraordinary and memorable during the month! Congratulations to the nominees! R-O-C-K, You Rock, You Rock!!!

OTMS are a great way to directly recognize someone who has gone above and beyond in what they do! Submit your own OTM at otms.nrhh.org! If you have received an OTM, or would like to read any previously written OTMs, you can also check out the website above!

For tips and more information about OTMs, visit https://www2.newpaltz.edu/nrhh/how-can-you-recognize/otms/!

Pay It Forward Day! 10/16/15

Hey Everyone!

Our Pay It Forward Day Event is this Friday, October 16th! Pay It Forward Day is a day to do something nice for someone and expect nothing in return! You can do this by:

Holding the door open for someone.

Buying the person behind you coffee/lunch/etc.

Giving someone a compliment.

The possibilities for kindness are endless!

Also, watch out for how NRHH will be Paying It Forward!

<> Diamond Love!

G.R.E.A.T. for Men’s Volleyball

Congratulations to the Men’s Volleyball Team who won our G.R.E.A.T. Award- Giving Recognition to Exceptional Athletic Teams! They have they had an amazing season, having been named # 1 in NCAA Div. III in the country, and are also supportive teammates who are always there for each other. Who knew when we gave them this award, they would earn No. 2 seed in the NCAA Div III tournament? Congrats, you’re all GREAT!

S.T.A.R. for Akeem Samuels

Congratulations to Akeem Samuels, who was awarded with our S.T.A.R. Award (Students That Are Remarkable)! Akeem is an RA in Dubois Hall at SUNY New Paltz, who always makes an effort to say hi to his residents and offers help to anyone who needs it. He is someone who truly embodies the four pillars of NRHH!

Fall 2013 Induction/Graduation Ceremony!

At this ceremony, the National Residence Hall Honorary Phi Psi Chapter was delighted to induct 12 new members and an honorary member, and, sadly, say goodbye to one member as she graduated from SUNY New Paltz. There was also a pin to be awarded!

Here are our inductees, starting in the top row from the left:
Payal Batra, Jennifer Newman, Maria Gillin, Adrian Jurek, Patch Thurlow, our honorary member Shannon Calderon, Sarah Alloush, Paola Vargas, Paige Olscamp, Ariana Carbonaro, Christina Boland, Angela Shriman, and Ashley Enright

chelsea delisser

Sadly, the Phi Psi Chapter said goodbye to Chelsea DeLisser, who is graduating from SUNY New Paltz. We wish her the best of luck!

But, on a happy note, a BRONZE PIN was awarded! Congratulations and thank you to chapter member Steven Sullivan, who truly grew as a student leader this semester. He did amazing work this semester by being on the Executive Board of our sister organization, RHSA, a very active member of NRHH, and by leading a program at the Fall 2013 NEACURH conference!

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