About Us

The New Paltz Zine Library

Founded in 2014, the New Paltz Zine Library collects and celebrates zine materials that are underground, independent, and hand-made, reflecting the campus values of creativity, critical social inquiry, and interdisciplinary research through the promotion of student expression on social and political issues.
  • Engaged zine readers who become active zine makers
  • Zines integrated into the campus culture in classroom instruction and utilized by student clubs
  • To have a low barrier of access and to grow our collection of locally produced zines


Kat Moore
Hello! I am a dual Sociology and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality studies major! I have been a resident in New Paltz for about four years, but have been visiting for even longer. I am so excited to hear what the community has to say right now, in this topsy-turvy-time, from cheerful, to gloomy, to realistic, to optimistic! I hope we will all be able to flip through this collaborative art piece and pull out things we appreciate about our world, and find something new to try, thanks to our neighbor. Don’t be afraid to submit anything! We want to include your thoughts, pictures, poems, paintings, quotes, recipes, jokes, anecdotes! Let your voice be heard!


Keely McTigue
Hey everyone! I’m undertaking two majors: Visual Arts and Women’s Gender, and Sexuality Studies. I transferred into SUNY New Paltz during Fall 2019 and I was fortunate enough to get one normal semester before the pandemic hit. With so much happening all around us, I think this zine project will be a fun, creative forum for the New Paltz community. How have you been spending your time? Volunteering? Attending protests? Working? Competitive napping? Let us know!


Madeline Veitch
I’m a Librarian at the Sojourner Truth Library. I love talking about zine-making, and also collecting zines made by the New Paltz / Hudson Valley community and beyond for STL’s circulating zine library. 2020 has been a difficult year, but many of the reasons it has been so hard have been with us for a centuries: racism, economic inequality, disconnection under capitalism. I hope that this collaborative zine project will be a valuable way to encapsulate some of “now” – our rage, anxieties, but also how we navigate coping and support.