Münster, Germany           

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cara-muensterStudying abroad in Münster was the perfect way to spend a summer. The Kapito Language School is located in the heart of the city and offers an effective approach to learning the German language and culture. The small classroom size and diverse student population allows everyone to learn the German language and culture together while also learning about other students’ cultural backgrounds along the way.

Kapito offers many local and out-of-town trips and encourages every student to participate. Some of the local trips include movie nights, bike tours of Münster, and a trip to the city zoo. Weekend day trips include exploring Amsterdam, Bonn, and Hamburg. All excursions are under 15 Euro (or free!) and are great ways befriend new people and practice your German.

The transportation in Europe is extremely accessible and reliable. Trains are the most popular way to travel Germany and the beautiful landscapes of the countryside are a sight worth seeing. Buses and flights are also inexpensive and give you countless opportunities to travel Europe to visit friends and family or to plan a weekend trip.

One does not need to leave Münster to be totally immersed in the European culture. Münster provides an eclectic variety of restaurants, pubs, museums, music venues, theater productions and parks. There are citywide events such as carnivals, concerts, flea markets and farmer’s markets. Münster is extremely accessible and is very pedestrian friendly. The opportunities are endless!

— Cara Wanamaker

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