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I always believe that we should embrace our differences in order to be better,  in order to grow. Sometimes you don’t want to be different you want to be accepted. Two years ago when I was teaching to little kids I could see how they bullied a kid because of his skin and I felt disgusted. At the moment I only thought how mean the little kids were but I stooped myself and I did not shout, I silence myself and run to hug the kid. Instead of making a big deal out of it I hugged the fears out of the kid, the black kid, Tino.

At the moment I understand that shout to the kids would only scared them and it would be a short term solution, the long term solution would be doing the opposite of what they are expecting. I hugged Tino but later in the class we talked about our differences and the fact that we need to respect them.

 I needed to put myself in both sides.That day I learned that we can not be guided by our emotions, we need to be rationals and do our best.

Response to “Everyday Grace” by Mirtha Quintanales