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Poetry response to “Everyday Grace” by Mirtha Quintanales


The discomfort we feel in our bones when we see something we don’t like

How to detach oneself should be the types of lessons we learn in school

Because otherwise, we feel everything and I don’t always thinking feeling everything

Is okay.

Why do we let things get to us, let the things people say and do bother us?

Why do our bodies react to others?

Is it not so simple to detach oneself?

Or should we be feeling everything everyone does, even if it has no affect on us personally?

Sometimes I wonder if I should be fully immersed within my universe

Do I feel happiness, sadness, and pain with others? For others?

Or do I isolate all feelings in order to be content with my being only?

Selfless or selfish.

It all depends on the route I take.