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In the early 1970’s groups of women would come together to share their personal stores. Sharing these stories lead women in social action groups to connect with each other on a deeper level due to similar hardships faced against their race, sexual identity, age and other identities. These women used their shared experiences to create a personal authority that they had achieved with this knowledge. This knowledge became the spark to educating and actively fight for feminism. I made this collage inspired by this part of the essay. From reading this you can see that activism was a very important part in the lives of feminists like Aurora Levins Morales. Morales’ story inspired me to find these images to create a collage that reflected the messages sent to communities in order to enlighten and find peace. Especially during the 1970’s, getting involved and speaking up about issues was super important because there wasn’t much quality in America and across the globe.

-Images found on and collage made on