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This outstanding woman, was a precursory writer of Chicano Literature, her social and cultural surroundings allowed her to posses a particular perspective on American society and politics, nevertheless she stayed truthful to the her roots and addressed multiple issues related to ethnicity, gender and class. It was quite interesting to learnt about her marriage and how the ceremony and the union itself was considered as a scandal because she didn’t share the same religion, nationality or age with her soon to be husband, however it was even more shocking finding out that some elderly californios remembered her, but not for her powerful voice through her writings but rather because of her beauty, denigrating all her efforts to acknowledge the social problems that she criticized throughout her novels, such as her well-known critic which established that justice was given just to the most powerful and influential individuals. Its also remarkable that her novel the squatter and the don, was written from the perspective of the conquered which granted her to express questions from a totally different and new angle.