How to Twitter Chat

How to Answer Questions in the Twitter Chat

Most Twitter Chats have a formula where the moderator will ask a question. For example:

Q1: What color are your shoes today? #shoechat
The way you would answer would look something like this:

A1: I’m wearing green shoes – green is my favorite color! #shoechat
Now imagine the questions being much more interesting than shoes and thus, your answers being much more interesting.

Retweet Answers You Like in the Twitter Chat
A big part of Twitter Chats is spreading the love. So when someone posts an answer to a question that you find interesting or quotable, go ahead and retweet them. Your feed during a chat will probably be half answers and half retweets.

What we will do:

Q1: Racism; A1: An example of white privilege (story, meme, link) #wgss19
Q2: Sexism; A1: An example of male privilege #wgss19