Platform Photo Essay

Platform Photo Essay
Due: 11/8/2019

Points: 10

Details: Students will choose one of the platform topics from class to produce a thematic photo essay with 5 images of their choice and/or creation. They will also write a 200-300 word reflection to accompany the photo essay.

Platforms to choose from: Art, Respectability and Rage, Spirituality, Environment, Family, Beauty Industry, Economy, Sex Work, Health, Science, Sexual Assault, Intimate Partner Violence.


  1. The photo essay posted to Instagram: 5 images grouped together in one post and captioned properly (last name, image sources cited, relevant hashtags).
  2. The reflection will be printed and handed in during section. It should describe the process and the final result (e.g. how did you choose these images? What is the story you’re telling and why does it matter?)


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