About the History Internship Program

History in the Hudson Valley

House on Huguenot St


History is everywhere. It surrounds us, lives in our local communities, and powerfully connects the past to the present. From personal history to world history, the discipline helps shape society and us as individuals, so the past is never truly behind us. As history interns here at SUNY New Paltz, our goal is to reunite the Hudson Valley community with the ever-important workings of our collective past, while giving voice to historically marginalized groups. We hope, through sharing the experiences and skills we acquired throughout our history internships, to inform the greater public about the benefits of researching and embracing the worlds of our predecessors.

Our blogs here will share our discoveries about the regional histories of the Hudson Valley, aiding in the preservation, legibility, and access of the content we are learning about.  As the world faces our current crisis, Covid-19, we would also like to share a small piece of our current historical moment; how our internships have been affected and are adapting. We invite you to delve into our experiences at the historic sites we assist in and encourage you to seek out other sites in our region as well. We hope to inspire potential or current History majors and those in the community with the history and public history work that surrounds us. Follow us on our journey of communal and personal growth through our practice of public history here.

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