Student Research and Travel Funding Sources

The Psychology Department prides itself on offering opportunities for student research – including travel to attend and present at professional conferences (such as the annual meeting of the NorthEastern Evolutionary Psychology Society; NEEPS).

Following are on-campus sources for funding (including contact info to find out more about these different funds):

1. Psychology Department student travel fund (2015_2016):

2. Student Association ( for both undergraduate and graduate students

3. Office of Student Research (for undergraduates; see:

4. The Graduate School (for graduate students; see:

5. The Lavallee student travel fund; via the provost’s office. Contact that office at 845.257.3280 for details.

6. There may be more – supporting student research is a primary goal of SUNY New Paltz and no department takes that more seriously than does the Psychology Department!

Here is a page with information on the guidelines for student travel: