New EvoS Courses!

Attention EvoS students,

Please note that we are in the process of revamping the EvoS Curriculum. For now, note that the following new courses will count toward the Content-Area component of the EvoS Minor:

•ARH 343 (Art History), “Nature and science in Nineteenth century American art”

•ENG 441 (English), “Literature and culture in the age of Darwin”

•FPA 301 (Fine and Performing Arts), “The evolution of art—from biology to philosophy”

•ENG 493/468 (English), “Literature, evolution, & the brain”

•THE 240 (Theatre Arts), “History of world dress”

•CMD 415 (Communication Disorders), “The evolution of language, speech and hearing”

•ANT 343 (Anthropology), “Sex, love and marriage in cross-cultural perspective”

And the following course will count toward the “non-Bio-Department Foundations” category:

•EVO 201 (Evolutionary Studies), “Evolution and human health”