Evolutionary Psychology; PSY 307; Spring 2018


ESSAYS to help guide studying for all chapters found here / Study Guide. 

My recommendation for studying is this:

1. Read the book chapters entirely.

2. Review all notes, entirely – taking notes on points that are not clear when you review them (on separate note pages)

3. Ask GG or the Course Assistants for clarification or help with any points that are not clear.

4. refer to the essay questions that comprise the study guide. The exam will be multiple choice in format – but the items will be created based on what answers to these essay questions should look like. So you may want to write outlines for these essays, providing examples and definitions of concepts – or even write full essays – and have GG or the course assistants look this work over during office hours. If you feel that you can answer each of these questions effectively, then you are likely in good shape for the exam.

5. Note that the exam will include between 20-30 multiple-choice items. Once you are done with the exam, you can leave – we will not cover additional material that day. I want students to have as much time as they might possibly need.


TEXTBOOK: Geher, G. (2014). Evolutionary Psychology 101. New York: Springer.