Evolution and the Human Condition; PSY 4930 (02)



The textbook, Evolutionary Psychology 101, has essay questions at the end of each chapter. The Final Exam – due before 10/17, will be comprised of four essays from the essay questions provided in that book. Note that, in order to encourage a breadth of knowledge, these four essays must come from four different chapters (i.e., each essay must be from a different chapter of the book). Please type out the essay question for each essay and make sure to answer the question in a full enough way so that a naïve reader who is not aware of the concepts in this class would understand your points. And don’t hesitate to bring paper copies of your essays to my office hours ahead of time so I can go over them with you.


The paper assignment for this class is a brief research proposal related to the evolutionary perspective on the human condition. To help guide students’ work, I have provided a sample here. Note that this sample is about 4 pages in full (if put into full APA format with cover page, etc.). Per the assignment, the paper needs to be between 4-7 total pages. Don’t hesitate to stop by my office hours to discuss.

Required Videos:

Partly due to the wrath of Irma, we have some time in class to make up. This will be done by watching the following two videos from the SUNY New Paltz Evolutionary Studies Seminar Series – each providing a strong example of how evolution shapes our understanding of the human condition:

Note that you may write on either of these videos for the “reaction paper” assignment in the syllabus. A reaction paper on either video will be due prior to class on 10/10/2017 (or in paper at the start of that class period).

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