The Evolutionary Studies (EvoS) program at SUNY New Paltz is pleased to announce that an online version of EVO 301 (Evolutionary Studies Seminar Series) will be offered for the first time this summer (with EvoS Director, Glenn Geher, as instructor – www.glenngeher.com).

With this addition to our summer offerings, we now are able to offer the ENTIRE EVOS MINOR ONLINE IN THE SUMMERS. And we are glad to offer this program to students from all colleges and universities. Students from any school, then, can complete the coursework required for the academic minor (and may receive a letter confirming this information from the SUNY New Paltz EvoS Program). We’re currently working to go through the process of making this program a formal “certificate” as well.

This course revolves around watching several evolution-themed videos of major speakers who talk about evolution from various disciplines. This program has been supported with funding by the National Science Foundation – and it provides a unique educational opportunity for students from all academic majors.

For a sense of the guest lectures that will serve as the core material for the course, please see: http://www.newpaltz.edu/evos/seminar.html

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