Master Course Shell

The purpose of this Master Course Shell is to provide a template of best practices for Faculty designing for online or hybrid instruction. The information presented is based on best practices of OPEN SUNY and your campus Instructional Designers expertise. The Master Course Shell is provided as a “development course”; where faculty can build their course using templates, place holders and guides.  Later, this development course can be copied into the production course.

The Master Course Shell has many features; here are some of the highlights:

Instructions are provided key sections; providing more then one way to manage your course in ways that work best for you and your students.












Online Student Services are folded into the Design.












Technical Support are built into the course for both Faculty and Students












Placeholders explain what you should include when adding content












There is a 55 page handbook included that details what to include and why it’s “best practice”.













Turnkey rubrics are installed in the course and available in the handbook for modeling.