Interim co-Directors for 2022-2023

Professor Anthony Dandridge, Lecturer in Black StudiesPhotograph of Anthony Dandridge

Department: Black Studies

Office: OM B117

Phone: (845) 257-2763


Anthony’s work as interim co-director will focus on convening the FDC Advisory Board, coordinating FDC programs and events, serving as FDC’s ex officio member of Faculty Senate, and coordinating with the Sustainability Faculty Fellows Learning Community and the DEI Faculty Fellows to support these important strategic academic goals and priorities of the college.


Professor Shannon McManimon, Associate Professor and Coordinator of Social Justice Education StudiesPhoto of Shanon McManion

Department: Educational Studies and Leadership

Office: OM 101

Phone: (845) 257-2828


Shannon’s work as interim co-director will focus on providing programs, services, and resources for full- and part-time faculty at all stages of their careers.  She will lead the welcome and mentoring of new faculty, promote the use of National Center for Development and Diversity (NCFDD) resources, and facilitate academic writing and scholarly productivity supports for faculty.

Rachel Rigolino, Lecturer, English DepartmentPhoto of Rachel Rigolino

Department: English

Office: JFT 802A

Phone: (845) 257-2731


Web Site:

Rachel’s work as interim co-director will focus on facilitating the development of teaching excellence in all modalities, including planning, conducting, hosting, and managing archives of pedagogical best practices training and support materials as well as supporting Office of Instructional Technology (OIT) initiatives and peer mentoring.  She will also support the FDC Hawksites webpage and will be the point person for emails to and inquiries about the FDC.