Learn How Hypothes.is Can Transform the Way You Assign & Discuss Texts (& Combat AI Issues): Recording Available!

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What do Nathen Clerici (Languages, Literatures & Cultures), Adolfo Bejar Lara (Language, Literature & Cultures), Andrea Gatzke (History),  Rachel Rigolino (English) and many other instructors at SUNY New Paltz have in common? They use Hypothes.is, which is integrated right into Brightspace, to have students socially annotate assigned readings (including scholarly journal articles from JSTOR). These instructors have found that socially annotating texts leads to lively conversations, both online, but also in the classroom.

Here is the recording for the session held on May 11: Hypothes.is SUNY New Paltz Faculty Panel

Also, find out about the Hypothes.is Academies, which will be offered this summer and get you up-and-running with using Hypothes.is in your courses!

PS: YES, creating groups is now easy in Brightspace!