Final Two SUNY FA22 Teaching Webinars: Nov. 30 & Dec. 9 @ 12:00 PM: Ensuring Authentic Online Assessment & Online Course Quality Review & Refresh Process with OSCQR

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The SUNY Online Teaching unit is offering a monthly webinar series that will provide an overview of the various resources developed to support you through this semester and beyond.

Please check out the Fall 2022 schedule below.

September 15
Supporting Online Student Success

There are a number of practical things online faculty can do to support online learner success. A brief overview of self-regulated learning (SRL) strategies used by successful blended/online learners will be presented as a foundation on which these recommendations are based. This session will be an open discussion of specific suggestions that online faculty can implement to help students succeed in an online learning environment.

October 12
OSCQR: Regular & Substantive Interaction

New regulatory definitions of distance education require that institutions ensure regular and substantive interaction (RSI) between a student and an instructor(s). A multi-pronged approach is necessary to address this including faculty and instructional designer training, improvements in online course design and facilitation, and online course reviews and refreshes to ensure compliance.

November 10
Strategies to Support Online Academic Integrity

Cheating is a pedagogical issue, not a technological one. Faulting students and technology, and attempting to apply a one size fits all approach, or tech. solution to a pedagogical problem, misses the point and the opportunity to understand this issue from the learning and learner perspectives. It is complex and requires work on everyone’s part – administrators, faculty, and students. So, from an instructional design perspective, rather than starting with the question “How do we prevent cheating?” the better questions are “What exactly is it that you are trying to achieve? And what, pedagogically, is the best way to assess, or evaluate learning, given the options and limitations of the online environment?”

November 30
Tips for Ensuring Authentic Online Assessment

Rubrics provide students with clear expectations and objective criteria for their graded assignments. They also ensure an objective and expedient grading process for instructors. In this session, we will explore how to create rubrics, how to align them with assignments and learning activities, and how to use them to grade student work. Additional tips and resources to assist online faculty and IDs to ensure more engaging and authentic online assessments will be provided.

December 9
Implementing an Online Course Quality Review & Refresh Process with OSCQR
This webinar is intended to assist institutional leaders develop implementation plans for online course quality review and refresh using OSCQR. Participants will be provided with the tools and information to plan an institution-level initiative to systematically improve the instructional design and accessibility of large scale online courses and programs.
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