RTP (Reappointment, Tenure & Promotion) Faculty Forum, with Alex Bartholomew (Geology) & Lou Roper (History), Thurs. Dec 9, 12:00- 1:00 p.m. College Hall 113 & via WebEx

Join us for guidance on the preparation of dossiers for Reappointment, Tenure & Promotion (RTP), with former members of the RTP Committee.  Alex Bartholomew and Lou Roper will lead the discussion.  Drop by with your questions anytime. Learn about the 5 Board of Trustees Criteria (Master of Subject Matter, Teaching, Scholarship/Creative Activity, Service, & Continuing Growth). We will also take a brief tour around the Annual Report.

Date:  Thursday, Dec 9

Time:  12:00 p.m.

Location: College Hall 113 & via WebEx at this link


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[starts with Alex answering a question about teaching observations….]

Chain of Review:  Departmental personnel committee (DPC); Chair (if any); Dean; Central Committee on Reappointment, Tenure & Promotion (RTP); Provost; President

5 criteria of BOT (see page 40)


Policies of the Board of Trustees

THE STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK H. Carl McCall Chairman Kristina M. Johnson Chancellor Wendy L. Ravitz Senior Managing Counsel and Interim Secretary of the University



Guidance on how to organize your narrative:

SUNY NP version of CV – use standard to ease work of those going through many dossiers.



Please develop your curriculum vitae to conform to the following guidelines: I. Identification A. Name B. Academic department C. Present academic rank


The annual report template is the same as last year’s, and available via the Academic Affairs website under “Faculty Personnel Procedures”

Annual Report Template 2020


SUNY New Paltz | Division of Academic Affairs | Division of Academic Affairs

SUNY New Paltz 1 Hawk Drive New Paltz, NY 12561 845-257-SUNY (7869) 877-MY-NP-411 (toll free)


Peer evaluations – aim to have a teaching observation by a tenured professor each semester.

Lou Roper: “RTP Central Committee is not interested in how brilliant you are, but whether you are thinking about your teaching and how you are interacting with your students.”

Alex Bartholomew: For Scholarly Ability, demonstrate,I am building a research program that has a good trajectory.  Scheduling time and following through on projects.” Don’t put publications/exhibitions “in progress” or “sent to press” or even “book contract” in Scholarly Ability but rather in Continuing GrowthImportant to show you are working forward.


December 9, 2021 Meeting link:
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