Rebecca Longtin

Rebecca Longtin


I am excited to serve as a mentor and help faculty develop materials for their classes, navigate the many guidelines and resources, and strategize translating their teaching practices into new modalities.


  • Ph.D. Philosophy, Emory University; B.A. Philosophy, University of Dallas; Research specializations: continental philosophy, phenomenology, aesthetics


  • I have designed and taught synchronous and asynchronous online courses since 2018, and I serve as an evaluator for online courses for the NCCRS division of the NYS Educational Department.
  • Prior to joining the Philosophy Department at New Paltz, I created strategies for adapting tutoring practices for digital and multimodal assignments at the Emory Writing Center.
  • As a graduate student at Emory, I took a course on incorporating technology into pedagogical practices—including, blogging and digital storytelling—and attended Digital Humanities workshops.
  • Currently, I am teaching a hybrid course and contributing to an OER Introduction to Philosophy textbook through OpenStax. I am also teaching Philosophy and Technology this semester, which gives me the opportunity to discuss technology with students and learn about their experiences.


I enjoy adapting class content for online learning, especially since there are so many great resources online. I want my students to think of philosophy beyond the classroom, and introducing them to relevant podcasts, blogs, and YouTube channels helps them find philosophical conversations that intersect with their passions and interests. Design empathy guides my planning process for online and hybrid classes. I try to present materials in organized and compelling ways that encourage students to scroll, click, and explore. I try to anticipate possible confusion and make sure that orientation materials are clear and detailed and that resources are easy to find. Since I teach aesthetics and philosophy of technology, I like to think about the way information is conveyed in different media and how to make it more engaging.


I teach classes on the history of philosophy, aesthetic theory, philosophy of technology, existentialism, and phenomenology.


Recently, I’ve started reading more fiction and dipping my toe into creative writing. I’m also relearning how to paint with watercolors. My dog Finnegan keeps me active and outdoors. He loves a good hike.