Caroline Hopenwasser

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I am currently an associate professor in the School of Education. I am the coordinator for the Literacy Specialist Graduate Program. This is my second year as a Faculty Mentor. I enjoy solving problems related to best practices in pedagogy


  • Literacy, Ph.D. Alabama A&M
Caroline Hopenwasser wearing a hat
Caroline Hopenwasser wearing a hat


  • Public School Teacher
  • Literacy Professor
  • Pedagogical Specialist
  • Designed hybrid and online graduate program at SUNY New Paltz


If you want to discuss how to best teach something in a particular modality, I am here for it! I specialize in how to take what works in one modality and find a way to best implement it in another.


I teach courses in Literacy Specialist Grad program in both hybrid and online formats, both synchronously and asynchronously


Kayaking, qigong, playing ukulele, making art, training dogs, reading