COIL Commons Project: a summer 2021 6-credit course based on the United Nations SDGs in which students create international storytelling projects in collaboration with international NGOs (non-government or community-based organizations)

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SUNY COIL Commons summer program.  This 6-week/6-credit COIL (Collaborative International Online Learning) course based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals will count towards either GE requirements or a student’s major course of study, depending on the disciplinary lens with which the student approaches the particular SDG (e.g. Economics, Biology, Literature, Performance, etc.).  Students will begin in a Central Square where they will learn storytelling modes and cultural competency, then be grouped with those who share a common interest in one of the SDGs.

#3 Good Health and Well-Being
#5 Gender Equality
#10  Reduced Inequalities
#11 Sustainable Cities and Communities
#13 Climate Action

Collaborative storytelling projects in various media will be based on interactions with international NGO and community based partners around the world.  In light of COVID-19 crisis-related travel restrictions, this interdisciplinary initiative is designed provide applied, global learning experiences, and to expand into the future. COIL will be soliciting participation from faculty as either “content creators” who produce materials to be shared on the creative commons (OER) or as faculty of record who teach over a 2-6 week period, early July to mid-August.

Information about this program:

COIL Global Commons final projects.

COIL Global Commons closing celebration slides.

Congratulations to our own Javier Gaston-Greenberg (Languages, Lit & Culture), Ken Nystrom (Anthropology), Lori Wynters (Ed Studies), and Barbara Caldwell (Foundation) for your involvement as curriculum developers, facilitator, and student!!

SUNY COIL Global Commons informational webinars – recordings here
An overview of the program, student and faculty roles, and the various ways you can participate followed by Q&A.  Content creation pays at least $800 – must be ADA and OER compliant (you retain copyright).

Here is the link from the info session on Wednesday 4/29/20:

And from Friday, 05/01/20:

Student participation:

Please share this summer virtual study abroad opportunity with your students.  This is a 6 week, 6-credit virtual program scheduled from July 6 to August 15, 2020 and available to all students.  Students can express interest and receive more information, including how to participate, by completing this from:

Faculty participation:

We are seeking self-nominations from faculty to create learning materials for online learning modules focusing on intercultural storytelling or one of the following UN SDGs: #1 No Poverty, #3 Good Health and Well-Being; #5 Gender Equality; #10 Reduced Inequalities; #11 Sustainable Cities and Communities; and #13 Climate Action.  In addition to content creators, we are also seeking faculty facilitators to serve as instructors of record for the courses on intercultural storytelling or one of the SDGs.  Faculty will facilitate student learning using the prepared materials and support students in their design and execution of a storytelling project.  Faculty will be instructors of record for one course, but will need to be available to support student learning during the entire 6-week period, early July – mid August.  The program will also include group projects that engage global community based and nonprofit partners.  We invite faculty and staff to nominate partners from around the world who could benefit from a storytelling project conducted in partnership with SUNY students and faculty.

faculty paid at normal 3-credit rate per campus.  3 credit for storytelling (3-week commitment); 6 credits for facilitator (6-week commitment)

COIL professional development SUNY-COIL-PD-Workshops-2021

COIL Sustainability Awareness week webinar:

Optional COIL training for summer course May FREE for SUNY New Paltz faculty – email for help with registration.
COIL Essentials (beginner training)
COIL Design (with an international partner)
email for guidance on registration, etc.

We are very pleased to announce two important updates on for the SUNY COIL Global Commons program: 1) it is now available for promotion to students, and, 2) nomination forms are open for faculty contributions.


As many of you are aware, SUNY initiated a system-wide strategic planning process focused on Global Learning for All: Educating for a Sustainable Future last academic year, under the leadership of Provost Tod Laursen. Our goal is to ensure that a SUNY education IS a global education by developing a framework for opportunities for all students and faculty to engage in meaningful, hands-on, international experiences through the work we all do each day, including right here in New York. At this time, with the extension of online instruction through summer and the cancellation of study abroad courses, we know that many of our students are longing for global learning opportunities. As the COVID-19 pandemic impacts the entire world, the effect on our most vulnerable communities and systems has been disproportionate. We are reminded that global engagement, global coordination and global problem solving is more important than ever. It is in this context that we invite your participation in an exciting new virtual program that will focus on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The attached program outline describes an endeavor being developed by a steering committee and advisors from across the SUNY system. Additional details will be shared in the coming weeks as program design advances. Although created in response to the current crisis, this project represents an exciting opportunity to leverage technology, virtual engagement, the deep expertise of our SUNY colleagues, and the important work of our global partners to further our goal of extending global learning to all students throughout SUNY.  With this collaborative effort to make a SUNY education synonymous with a global education, we are creating a model that is innovative, scalable, and important to the world.  Therefore, we consider this summer’s program a pilot to be continuously enriched and improved with each iteration. We see this as the first step to creating a valuable SUNY-wide asset that can serve us in the years to come. We look forward to seeing the stories and impacts of this project as they emerge. We encourage you to contribute, helping to engage your students and international partners in ways that align with and support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.