A Spring of Gay Black Feminine Joy; a Critical Moment with SUNY New Paltz alum, Lester Mayers, Thurs., February 18th at 5:00pm via Zoom.

In this critical moment, Lester Mayers, a Gay-Black-Feminine man, encourages his unique and underrepresented community to raise their voices and pens and prove that they are more than stereotypes/tokens / jokes – identities forced upon them by the white-hetero American gaze. Written to a specific audience, without compromise, Mayers sets out to analyze his own existence as it relates to history, the present, and the future. With pathos as his greatest tool, Mayers writes back at the homophobic show of loneliness & isolation throttled within the Black community. This piece was written outside the lens of European penetration, and though it was created as an offering to a specific group of people, all readers are invited to open their hearts and enter the unconquerable fortress of Gay-Black-Feminine men.

Trigger warnings: homelessness, sexual historic trauma, racism, queer-phobic pejoratives, mental health and disruptions of religious views.

Zoom link:  https://zoom.us/j/99606552232