Office of Campus Sustainability: Arts of the Earth Celebration: Submit your work & invite students!

This month marks the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day!
You are invited to participate in the Office of Campus Sustainability’s Arts of the Earth Virtual Celebration to celebrate the planet and Earth Month.
Submit a piece of artwork inspired by the Earth (see prompts below!) by April 26th to be featured on the @sustainablenewpaltz Instagram page during Earth Week! Submissions will be accepted through Instagram Direct Message to @sustainablenewpaltz & Google Drive. We encourage creativity and accept all forms of art including but not limited to drawing, painting, singing, music, dancing, sculpture, and writing!
This celebration will allow community members to show appreciation for our planet from the safety of their homes!
Prompt Ideas:
  • What does celebrating the Earth mean to you?
  • How can you represent the idea of “sustainability” artistically?
  • How does nature make you feel? How does it inspire your creativity?
  • Create art sustainably: zero waste, eco-friendly, natural materials
  • Up-cycled art, make art from the things lying around your house!
  • Relating art to environmental issues
  • How do you stay grounded/rooted to the earth?
  • Illustrate/photograph your favorite place in nature.
  • What does the earth look like 100 years from now?
This virtual celebration is organized by the student Sustainability Ambassadors on the Student Engagement and Digital Media Teams of the Office of Campus Sustainability