Research Seed Money Available through SUNY Research Foundation

SUNY Research Seed Grant Program 2019-20 Request for Proposals RFP #20-02-RSG

Issued: January 6, 2020
Submission Deadline: Friday, February 21, 2020 at 5:00 p.m.

RFP Highlights:


The Research Seed Grant Program provides seed funding to catalyze and support SUNY faculty in the pursuit of large extramural grants in strategic priority areas.
Three award tracks under this RFP: (1) Center-Scale Planning and Development Program Award (2) Multidisciplinary Small Team Award and (3) NIH Resubmission Support Award.

Focus on SUNY strategic priority areas. Selected faculty teams will be awarded up to:

  • $50K for Center-Scale Planning and Development Program Awards
  • $10K per faculty member for a total up to $40K for Multidisciplinary

    Small Team Awards

  • $15K for NIH Resubmission Support Awards

    Award recipients are required to submit at least one extramural grant proposal to an external funding agency within 18 months of receiving any of the above SUNY awards.


    In FY2017-18, the SUNY Office of Research and Economic Development (“ORED”) launched a seed grant program, the Center-Scale Planning and Development Program (“CSP”), to assist SUNY teams in the development and submission of center-scale funding proposals to external agencies. Two rounds of competitive solicitations were met with strong enthusiasm from SUNY faculty and have yielded positive results in increasing external grant submissions and attracting external funding.

See full details here:

RFP20-02 Research Seed Grant Program