Drawing Acts: Process and Performance // Thinking through Drawing @ SUNY New Paltz, October 5-6, 2019

Drawing and Cognition Research and Education Symposium:
How can drawing act to help us think, learn and understand?
Drawing performances, presentations and workshops will explore how the drawing process can work to materialize and extend our ideas and perceptions of ourselves, others and the world in new ways.
Open to all educators, artists and others!  No prior training in drawing required.

Register Here!      email: kantrowa@newpaltz.edu for more information

Saturday October 5 1pm-6 pm (The College Terrace)

Saturday night option (tickets bought separately):
SUNY New Paltz Music Concert Series: With Gongs, Drums and Pianos

Sunday October 6, 9am-5pm  concurrent workshops interspersed with everyone coming together to share/discuss/perform 

New York State In-Service Teachers can receive up to 13 CTLE credit hours.
Take this as an opportunity to join the conversation, share studio and teaching practices, and try out something new!
Dr. Kantrowitz, the coordinator for the event, tells us that they still have space to include additional workshops, if there are those who think might be interested and have something unique to offer.
Contact: kantrowa@newpaltz.edu
Dr. Andrea Kantrowitz,
Graduate Program Coordinator, Assistant Professor
Art Education Program
SUNY New Paltz


Dr. Andrea Kantrowitz

Graduate Program Coordinator
Assistant Professor

Art Education Program

SUNY New Paltz

Office: SAB 204B

845 257-3783