Human Research Ethics Board (HREB) Fall Training for teachers of research methods classes and other classes that involve the collection of data from human participants

The program is a two-day, two-hour per day workshop. The focus is on certifying instructors as Exempt reviewers. Completion of the training program is a necessary step in the process of being certified an Exempt reviewer.
By becoming a certified HREB Exempt reviewer, you will be able to facilitate student research in your classroom. Certified exempt reviewers can review and approve Exempt HREB proposals submitted by students in their research methods and seminar classes. This means HREB approval could be done quickly and with fewer delays.
To qualify to review HREB Exempt proposals, instructors must complete the training program, become familiar with federal regulations and research ethics principles, and feel comfortable applying them to student proposals.
This training is for any faculty member teaching a course where the students will be conducting research projects (for example, surveys and interviews) that involve collecting data from human participants.
Please inform us if you would like to attend.  Our goal is to find a time for the training that can accommodate interested faculty members.  Please contact Roseann Merrill at 257-3282 or
Roseann Merrill, Secretary
Sponsored Programs & Research Compliance
Human Research Ethics Board
SUNY New Paltz
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