Starfish Advising System Training with Maria Richards, Oct 23, Nov 7, Nov 19

Topics:  online scheduling; flags & kudos; attendance.

(1) How to utilize on-line scheduling in Starfish

Tuesday, October 23rd @12:30pm, FDC, College Hall 113

This session at the FDC will focus on how to set up and utilize online scheduling in Starfish, an online suite of tools to support student success. Some benefits of using the Starfish online calendar:

-Students choose when they want to meet only during the times you are available.

When setting up office hours in Starfish, instructors designate the times they are available to meet. Students see only the times available and schedule to meet only when the instructor is free.

-Starfish integrates with your Office 365 calendar.

Sometimes plans change. Through seamless interaction with your Office 365 calendar, Starfish updates your availability based on your schedule. Can no longer make a meeting with a student? Cancel the meeting in Office and Starfish will send a message to the student asking them to reschedule.

-No more sign ups on the door.

Faculty advisors can set up extra availability in Starfish for peak advising times, such as pre-registration. Students can schedule a time to meet from the comfort of their own smart phone.

(2) How to raise a flag or kudos in Starfish

Wednesday, November 7th @3:00pm, FDC, CH 113

This session at the FDC will focus on how to raise flags (concerns) and kudos (praise) in reference to a student’s classroom performance. The benefits of providing student feedback:

-Starfish assembles a Success Network to support the student

Flags immediately alert the student and a staff of professional advisors about the faculty member’s concern. Professional advisors connect with students to provide support and help the student plan for a successful semester.

-More than just an encouraging word

Recent findings suggest that the use of kudos, especially during midterms, can have a positive impact on student resilience.

(3)  How to take attendance in Starfish

Monday, November 19th @10:00am, FDC, CH 113

In this session at the FDC we will discuss how to use the attendance feature in Starfish. Benefits of the attendance feature in Starfish:

-Students stay informed

Students can see in real time if they are marked absent, tardy, or present.

-Data at your finger tips

Instructors can pull an attendance report in excel to easily record your attendance grade.

-Choose your own device

Instructors can take attendance from a computer, tablet, or smart phone.

Get a head start for the spring semester and learn about the easy-to-use attendance feature today!


For more info, visit the Center for Student Success website.