SUNY Curricular Mapping and Enhancing Assessment Workshops, October

Enhancing Excellence in Assessment:

Connecting the Dots: Mapping Learning Outcomes ILOs, PLOs and CLOs

Sponsored by:

SUNY Council on Assessment (SCoA)

in partnership with the

SUNY Center for Professional Development

This one-day workshop on curricular mapping will focus on the process of designing and implementing maps that are feasible, effective and align with the college’s overall mission. Workshops will be offered in three regional locations and will have the same agenda, with slight variations based upon registrant input. Dr. Deborah Moeckel, SUNY System Administration, will discuss the process of mapping and how institutions can actively gain insights into gaps, absences, and redundancies in curriculum or instruction, programming and the obtainment of core objectives. Featured presenters will discuss examples of their experiences with mapping; highlighting the need for time to both create quality maps and units of study, and reviewing them for multiple purposes. The program will also highlight active engagement, allowing participants to collaborate with one another and share examples of their own experiences with mapping. To get the most benefit out of this session, participants are encouraged to bring their ILOs and relevant samples of PLOs and CLOs.Examples will also be provided. Attendees will work as active participants with a partner to better understand the process of revisiting, reviewing, aligning and revising curriculum maps, coupled with knowledge of the results of student assessments and teaching practices, which are at the heart of mapping.  


Participants will:

·         Increase their awareness of how to connect Institutional Learning Outcomes, Program Learning Outcomes and Course Outcomes to increase internal and external understanding of the institution’s effectiveness and assessment processes.   

·         Learn about mapping processes and procedures. 

·         Network and explore connections to support curricular mapping and improve instructional effectiveness. 

·         Collaborate with peer institutions and see practical examples of how campuses are engaging in mapping processes. 

·         Understand SUNY support and resources available with regard to mapping and accreditation.  

·         Brainstorm assessment and accreditation experiences. 



  • October 10, 2017 – University at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY
  • October 20, 2017 – Farmingdale State College, Farmingdale, NY
  • October 24, 2017 – Mohawk Valley Community College, Utica, NY



9:30 am – 2:30 pm

Registration Fee (cost includes a light breakfast and lunch)

·         CPD Member Campus             $30

·         Non-CPD Member Campus     $35

·         Other/Non SUNY Campus       $50 (as space permits)


Planning Team

·         SUNY Albany (Doug Sweet) 

·         SUNY Center for Professional Development (Lisa Raposo, Chris Price, Viktorya Mirzoyan) 

·         SUNY System Administration (Deborah Moeckel) 

·         Columbia-Greene Community College (Nicole Childrose) 

·         Suffolk County Community College (Lauren Tacke-Cushing) 

·         Mohawk Valley Community College (Norayne Rosero) 

·         Buffalo State (Karen O’Quin) 

·         University of Buffalo (Carol Van Zile-Tamsen)