Critical Essay Response Assignment

Each of our plays has a bibliography of some of the most important criticism that has been written about the play over the past 200+ years. Select one of the essays listed in the bibliography of the Norton Shakespeare for a play that interests you. Track down the essay and write a 5-7 page reaponse that does the following:

1) Summarizes the main argument(s) presented in the essay.

2) Comment on whether you think this argument is strong, what you think its weaknesses are, and whether you agree with its major conclusions.

3) Finally, in your essay, use the position(s) you analyze to develop your own argument about the play.


Requirement Assignment Demonstrates Mastery If:
Overview and Summary -Summary provides a complete and accurate overview of the source.

-The review is written in a style that is clear and informative.

Evaluation -Review provides a clear and balanced evaluation of the source, and the writer plainly states what he or she finds to be the strengths and weaknesses of the source.
Interpretation -Author develops a clear argument that is written in response to the ideas represented in the essay.
Formatting -Critical work is cited using proper MLA format.

-Assignment follows Mulready’s Shakespeare Style Guide.

-Typed and double-spaced

-12 pt. Font, Times New Roman

-1 inch margins on top, bottom, left, and right

-Title (but no title page)

-Pages Stapled or clipped together


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