Online Assignment #6: Victorian Queer Archive


Choose one Victorian (1830-1914) text on a queer theme from the list below to submit to the class’s Omeka archive (

Come to class on Monday, April 25th with:

  1. Page images of the first edition printing of the text (if you can find them).
  2. The words of the text, carefully proofread and ready to paste into the archive.
  3. The title, volume title, author, publisher, and publication date for the text.
  4. Your laptop (or check one out of the library if you don’t have one).

If the text is a poem, make sure to preserve line breaks and indentation.


1. By April 21st at noon, sign up for a text to upload by clicking here.

2. On April 25th, bring a proofread text and page images to class. We will upload them during class.

2. The text (with page images) is due on May 1st by 5pm.

How to Find Page Images:

1. Do a Google Search for the author and literary work to figure out the publication year and the title of the volume it appeared in.

2. Then, search one of the following websites for the volume, date, and author:

How to Save Page Images:

If you’re using Hathi Trust or the Internet Archive:

  1. Click the full-screen button: Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 9.43.41 AM
  2. Click the button in the shape of an arrow pointing to the rigScreen Shot 2015-09-30 at 9.46.19 AMht (Internet Archive) or a triangle pointing to the right (HathiTrust) to turn pages in the book.
  3. Click the arrow/triangle button until you find the first page of your text (or click the search button and type the title to find it).
  4. Right-click on the image of the first page of your text.  Select “Save Image as,” rename it “1.jpg,” and save it to the desktop. Click the arrow/triangle to reach the next page (if your text has additional pages).
  5. Repeat step 4 (i.e. Save, rename the image (2.jpg for the second page, and so on), and go to the next page) until you have saved an image file for every page in your text.

If you’re using Google Books:

  1. Search Google Books for your text.
  2. The word you searched for will be highlighted in yellow. Click the “clear search” button to clear the search and make the yellow highlighting go away.
  3. Use the magnifying glass icons to zoom in and out to frame the text as you’d like.
  4. Follow these instructions to take a screenshot of your text:
  5. Save the files on your desktop or in your email so you can have them for Monday’s class.

Text Formatting:

  1. You can copy and paste the text from a different source as long as you proofread it.
  2. Omit line numbers and make sure that poem’s transcription follows the indentation, capitalization, and punctuation of the original.
  3. Do not include footnotes or other editorial details.
  4. When selecting excerpts from a longer text, the excerpts should be sizable, representative chunks and should not end mid-sentence.

How to Create an Account:

  1. You should have received an email to your New Paltz email address from “” with the subject heading “You have been invited to join the site ‘Victorian Queer Archive.” If you don’t see it in your inbox, check your spam or junk folder.
  2. Click on the link in the email. It will start with
  3. It will open up a page labeled “Sign Up For A New Account.”
  4. Look at the bottom left of the new page, which reads “Try the free Basic plan with 500 MB of storage, 1 site, 15 plugins, and 5 themes.”
  5. Click the blue-green button labeled “Choose” next to the basic plan info.
  6. Fill out the form, including your username, password, and enter your email address and full name.
  7. Click the box labeled “I agree to the Terms of Service”
  8. Enter the text in the ReCAPTCHA box
  9. Click the “Sign Up” button.
  10. Congrats! You’ve made an account.

How to Add a Text:

If you’re not already logged in to the archive, go to and type in your log in info.

  1. Click on “Items” -> “Add an Item”
  2. Fill in “Title” (the full title of the text), “Creator” (Author’s name), “Date” (publication date of the literary work), “Source” (the title of the publication that originally contained this literary work), and “Publisher” (if you can figure out the original publisher).
  3. Check the box next to the word “Public” on the right-hand side of the screen.
  4. Click on the words “Item Type Metadata” and select “Text” from the drop-down menu
  5. Check the box labeled “Use HTML” under the area labeled “Text.”
  6. Copy and paste the full text of your literary works in the area labeled “Text.” Proofread and make sure the spacing, indentation, capitalization, and punctuation are correct. Use the space bar to create indentations.
  7. If you have found page images of the original printing of the book, click the word “Files” -> “Choose File” and select the correct file. Click “Add Another File” to add additional files.
  8. Click “Tags” and enter tags to make your text findable by subject (e.g. “Queering the gender binary,” “lesbian desire,” “diary”) and click “Add Tags” when you’ve finished adding them.
  9. Click “Save Changes” to add your item to the archive.
  10. Go to and look at your item to make sure it looks correct.
  11. You did it! Congrats!